A Few Words About Us
A unique synergy is achieved by a single focus from a group committed to exceptional results, the technology that is applied consciously by a highly trained group that focuses on the individual and unique challenges of any project determines the long term benefits. At EcoVitali we are aware of the needs in maintenance reduction, the challenges of pollution, bacterial and organic compounds damage that can arise in large urban, industrial or farming infrastructures, We thrive every day in testing and moving forward as a single entity to provide a cleaner air, conserve energy and provide a feasible economical solution for building owners, public infrastructure and anyone that is in need of a solution to these challenges.

Company Profile

EcoVitali World Inc. is an international operation with locations in four continents with successful applications in all of them.  With the backing of our laboratories, production plants and a full team of highly trained professionals we are committed to the final expected results in practically any size project.

The backing of World renowned laboratories, the studies and support of public institutions in addition to the latest advancements in photocatalytic technology has given the opportunity for EcoVitali World to be at the vanguard with our products, providing a cleaner environment and many more benefits that Cities and customers had been waiting.

As of June,2012 our expansion in operations within the United States is expected to prove once more that our planet is ready to move into the 21st century with a revolution in paints and coatings that not only serve as an appearance or look coating, but that actively protect the environment, humans, animals and plants that live within it.

What We Do

EcoVitali World Inc. represents the latest technology in Eco-Active Coatings, Paints, and Construction materials that clean the air and provide the most environmental benefit for any construction or building.
A full array of solutions in coatings for all types of surfaces with the important factors of reducing pollution, cleaning the air upon contact with light, self-cleaning effect due to the decomposition of pollutants, bacteria, virus, mold and other materials that are suspended in the air.
We provide a full service from project assessment to full supervision of the installation of our products by internal or external contractors that are certified through our training program to perform a perfect installation on any project. The benefits are guaranteed through intense testing and performance quality control by our team of Engineers, Chemists and Technical Laboratory Personnel to assure that all the Eco-Active benefits are present in any project.

We go beyond that of simply delivering our products, assurance of performance is essential in any project regardless of size. Our Pre-Testing (if needed), application supervision, certification and post-testing has been designed to assure a perfect installation every time all the time.

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