A mineral coating of white or colored high photo-catalytic activity suitable for applications with sponge to provide ultimate protection of new or existing plaster in indoor or outdoor settings. The product can be used to smooth cement plaster background, traditional, premixed macro-porous rehabilitation, aged rustic or mineral insulation. The product allows to level, with one or more passes, irregularities of the plaster background including from 1 to 8 mm. It has good resistance to weathering and UV rays combined with a high permeability. Participates in the improvement of air quality and to keep clean the surface of the manufactured articles using the active principle with Photo-Catalytic properties. Photo-Catalysis is a natural phenomenon that through the action of light energy changes the speed of a chemical reaction, inducing the formation of strongly oxidizing reagents which are able to decompose the organic and inorganic substances present in the atmosphere. Photo-Catalysis is therefore an accelerator of oxidation processes existing in nature, thus promoting faster decomposition of pollutants and preventing its accumulation, Photo-Aria  actively contributes to the reduction of air pollution in cities and to keep the surface clean of dirt over time reducing particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and sulfur emitted by car exhaust and heating systems . The Photo-Catalytic action is also active in the presence of rain or diffuse solar radiation or indoors under artificial light.

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  • High Traffic Resistance
  • Optimal Quality
  • Colors Available
  • Exterior Application
  • Certified Technology
  • Extreme Durability
  • Self-Cleaning Effect
  • Uniform Color
  • Chromatic Effects
  • Perfect restoration
  • Smooth Texture
  • High Quality
  • Green Certification
  • Excellent Permeability

  • Pollutant Destruction
  • Bacteria Destruction
  • Virus Destruction
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Hydrophilic
  • Hydrophobic
  • VOC destruction
  • Odor Destruction
  • Food Conservation
  • Maintenance Reduction
  • Surface Protection
  • Sea-Breeze Resistance
  • High Solar Refractive Index

The infinite possibilities of textured, artistic and soft texture finish and rehabilitation that Photo-Aria offers are unique due to its quality assurance certification.

In addition the Eco-Active features imbedded on the formulation make Photo-Aria the best option available on green construction materials


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